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Are you vegetarian? Join us!                                                                                                                                      Are you vegan? Join us!                                                                                                                                               Do you love food? Join us!

Anything is possible!
– Vegetarian
– Vegan
– Gluten free
– Dairy free
– Nut free
– Onion and garlic free
Tours can be tailored for each guest!


Are you veggie lover?

Join the only veggie food tour in Prague. :)


Join the one and only vegetarian food tour in Prague. Get off the beaten path and enjoy the view of the vegetarian life from the perspective of a local guide.

Tours are suitable for anyone who loves a healthy lifestyle and great tasting food.

This food tour is focused on showing people great vegetarian restaurants, bistros, and cafes in Prague, while also showing the contrast between the present times and Prague´s rich history. All vegetarian and vegan restaurants are chosen by the heart ( and taste!) of local guides. It is a passion for a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Lunch tour

  • 4 stops with healthy delicious vegetarian or vegan food
  • 6 courses during the food tour
  • Everything is included in the price, including a stop at a beer hall, if you choose
  • Our focus is tasty food made with love
  • Modern history with a local guide
  • Recommendations for organic stores and vegetarian restaurants in Prague

Walking distance

3.8 KM/2.3 MI
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Discover attractions such as

  • Republic square
  • Municipal house
  • Wenceslas square
  • Head of Franz Kafka
  • Astronomical clock
  • Old Town square

the tour starts at

11:00 AM


4 hours


90EUR / 2250CZK


About us

We are lovers of Prague, food and funny history facts.

We are Karolina, Mike and Jan. We grew up in Prague – and we know how difficult it is for tourists to find the right restaurant, especially a vegetarian or vegan one. In our team you will find only local guides so your questions can be directed to people, who are part of Czech history and have accurate information collected ever since their childhood by listening to their grandparents and the generations that lived here. It was not a very pink history, which is something that you will learn from the very beginning of our Veggie tour.

Czech restaurants offer very heavy, hearty and meatfull dishes (pork, goulash, duck with cabbage). We are convinced that this food is unhealthy for you and definitely does not do well for the energy you need to discover the city.

This conviction was the main reason for opening our concept, where you can try a healthy, light and tasty diet that will satisfy even the first time Veggie Tour visitors.

,,It’s a way to get together for couples and families with veggie members. ,,

Come with us and enjoy at least one day on a healthy path in the city center.

We wish you a wonderful gastronomic experience in all the stops we have prepared for you in the city.

So, that´s who we are. Young, fresh and healthy. And we are really happy, that you are keeping our planet green with us.

With love and passion

Your I Like Veggie team.


About veggie walking tour


We do not know the answers for all the questions, but the most frequently asked can be found below. In case you did not find the answer you were looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us at ilikeveggieprague@gmail.com, we will be happy to answer as soon as we get it.

1) Is the tour suitable for children or teenagers?

Absolutely, the tour is abundant in healthy & delicious food. Your child will love it. And of course, we walk in the fresh air.

2) Where is the beginning and the end of the tour

Beginning and end of tour varies. We start on the corner of Masna and Rybna street. Before the tour we will send you a precise itinerary, so that you will know exactly where to go. Lunch and Dinner tour both end in Dlouha street passage. At the end of the Tour we will show you the way back to your hotel or call you a taxi.

3) Is the tour ALL INCLUSIVE?

100% yes. All you have to do is book our tour online and we will take care of every meal and drink on the tour. We want to provide you with an amazing experience.

4) How can I book my place in the tour?

The only way to do that is to pay by our booking system connected to PayPall gate. The tour is confirmed once it has been paid. You will receive the confirmation as soon as our team process it and send you all the information and some small gifts before your journey.

5) What to do if the weather is bad?

If you have paid your tour, we will find you another date. there is never a bad weather for our guide to get going. As we say in Prague - there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. We always suggest to take more clothes then less.

6) How can I cancel my tour?

You can cancel your tour 30 days prior to your appointment. If there is a serious reason happening days before your tour, we will issue a voucher for you or your family for a tour within your next visit of Prague or Budapest.

7) I have allergies

In case you are allergic to something, please provide us with this information beforehand in an e-mail and we will let you know if this allergy will stop you from having a 100% enjoyment of our tour. We will offer you alternatives and will be happy to help.

8) I am handicapped or have limited walking abilities

We will be glad if you send us an e-mail. The tour is suitable for anyone even handicapped with a wheelchair. All the restaurant entrances are wheelchair suited. The tours are less than 4km and are not demanding. no hills or harsh descents. We chose the tours that allow us to discover as much as possible in a short time time.

9) Is there a meat version of this tour?

Unfortunately there is not. We are specialist on healthy vegetarian nutrition and if you want to be good in many things you usually won't be good at even one. We only offer healthy tours in which we see the positive for your vacation where you will eat well.


Feel free to contact us 24/7 !


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